The purpose of this section of the program is to provide an array of supports that permit youth to develop the capacity for living a substance free life independently. The components of independent living service may include, but are not limited to counseling: educational services: vocational training; life skills training; health services; housing services; legal services; socialization, cultural and recreational supports; supported contact with family related to Independent Living initiatives; transitional living and aftercare services

Recovery Life Skills

After detox, clients will participate in the Recovery Life Skills program. This stage of rehabilitation is designed to instruct clients on the essential skills needed to begin the recovery process after their thirty days with us are over. Clients with no background in recovery or those who need to re-establish recovery life skills will learn about the disease of addiction, confronting denial, strategies for overcoming the physical and emotional consequences of addiction, and the 12-step process of recovery. Each client will meet with a substance abuse counselor to develop a personalized rehabilitation plan. Clients then work to achieve their goals through individual counseling sessions, group therapy, educational lectures and videos on addiction-related topics and 12-step meetings. The program also provides educational and therapy sessions to family members. All rehabilitation program activities take place at the group home in a comfortable, safe and private setting.

Vocational and Employment Living

Guiding Light Case Manager will be responsible for overseeing the Vocational/Employment Plan. If the employment opportunity is in the placement, the Case Manager should be the primary supervisor. Performance Reviews are completed quarterly. Employment and Vocational opportunities is in the community, the primary supervision should the established with a staff person within that organization or company, however, and Guiding Light staff should act as a liaison between the organization, employer, youth, the placement and any other interested parties.